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Smart Automation Leader - DrimSys


DrimSys recruits competent individuals
who can passionately grow and share their future with DrimSys.


  1. STEP 1 Select candidates by examining their career papers
  2. STEP 2 First Round of Interview (with working group)
  3. STEP 3 Second Round of Interview (CEO)
  4. STEP 4 Final Selection

for Application

– Please pay careful attention to our announcements on the recruitment portal as recruitment qualifications and subjects may vary based on the areas of recruitment.
– Applications must have no reasons for disqualifications to overseas trips and no attempt to evade military service.

Inquiry for

– Place for Application :
– Place for Inquiry : The person in charge of recruitment from the business management team T. 02-6959-5200

DRIMSYS Welfare System

  • Corporate Body Resort

    Large resorts all over the country are available at a better price for membership.

  • Group Accident Insurance

    Provide benefits of an accident insurance limited to 100,000,000 KRW to the max.

  • Welfare Mileage

    Give Dple welfare mileage that supports welfare benefits for executives and staff members such as health, education, and culture.

  • 369 Refresh Break

    Support long-term employed people in a refresh break.

  • Holiday Gift

    Give a department store gift card to employees in Korean Thanksgiving Day and Korean New Year’s Day.

  • Dple Coffee Shop

    It is a book cafeteria within a company in order to establish a creative corporate culture.

  • Drim B-day

    Give a congratulatory gift on birthdays of executives and staff members.

  • Drim Culture Project

    It is an event for a cultural life on a quarterly basis.

Family Expansion Support Welfare System

  • Overall Health Examination

    Overall health examination service with one of employees’ family members.

  • Drimin Day

    It is an event to show family members our appreciation on the anniversary for employment of executives and staff members.

  • Marriage Fund Loan

    Support housing fund loans when long-term employed executives and staff members get married.

  • Funeral Service

    Provide a funeral service for one of executives’ and staff members’ family members.

  • Drim Travel Year

    Support family travel expenses for long-term employed people.

  • Childbirth Support Fund

    Support funds at the time of childbirth in order to encourage executives and staff members to give birth.