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T - DrimBox (12, 15, 18.5 inch)


T - DrimBox is a DrimBox product supporting user convenience through front display installation and independent Web UI and RCS support.

It also supports various types of interfaces such as SECS communication and TCP / IP, is largely compatible and linkable with upper systems, and presents the best performance in system automation by equipment system remote control, data collection and management, live monitoring.


  • Support Web UI and RCS.
  • Integrated with various solutions, system, and smart devices.
  • Provide remote control & management features.
  • Provide Customizing UI, Terminal Display, Equipment monitoring, Interlock etc.
  • Support various types of interfaces (Serial RS232, SECS, FPS, TCP / IP, Socket, TIB - RV, Web Service etc.).
  • 15 inch : support a living waterproof feature for the front part and equip with a speaker (in various sizes available)

Product Description



Major Performance

  • SK Siltron 300mm Polishing Process Information Automation Establishment (DSP / EP / FP) - (LIDC1504 / LIDC1510)(Year of 2015~)
  • ASE Korea Towa Equipment RMS Interlock and DCOL (TDrimBox)