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DrimDEC (Drim Easy Connector)


Drim Easy Connector transfers data (CDC, ETL, Message, etc.) stored in Kafka to RDBMS.
It can be replicated to address and expand the constraints of the customer's integrated environment.

In particular, the cost and technical difficulties required for real-time transmission of data accumulated in the DataLake Caching Layer can be solved immediately.

Drim Easy Connector provides DataLake's "Real Time Delivery" infrastructure, promising easy configuration, real-time deployment, cost-effective environment deployment.

Drim Easy Connector collects and distributes real-time information generated from various internal databases based on Kafka, and anyone can easily install, configure, and manage it, thereby reducing the time and cost required for sharing information and maximizing efficiency.


  • Provides Realtime Delivery Layer Infra, the technical limitation of DataLake
  • DataLake's complex CDC Pipeline configuration has been improved to a simple structure.
  • Kafka Producer can be extended to any CDC capable
  • Build a Kafka-based CDC environment that enables Any DB/Application Replication in OGG and SharePlex
  • One Click level deployment support
  • Simple command-level configuration
  • Provision of Easy Delivery Infra environment
  • Open API for convenient configuration/management
  • BareMetal Server, Cloud and Docker/Kubernetes environment support

Product Description