Smart Automation Leader - DrimSys



DrimFHS extracts and processes data on user demand from files of various systems such as equipment log files and offers services.


  • Support Various Network File Systems and FTP

    - NFS, CIFS
    - Suppoer FTP extension feature (RFC 3659)

  • Provide high-performance fail - over for the operational safety

    - Support clustering rings, utilize system resources, and recover server neck.
    –Special backup servers are not required.

  • High Performance Multi - Connection

    - Collect data of hundreds of equipment per FHS server at the same time. (every 3 seconds)

  • Provide operational convenience.

    - Support remote control
    - CBFH(Configuration Based File-Handling) Feature

Product Description


Major Performance

  • SK Hynix Research Institute Vega Log Management
  • SK Hynix Probe Vega Log Management
  • Samsung Electronics Hwaseong Test Equipment Data Collection
  • Samsung Electronics Onyang Test Equipment Data Collection
  • Samsung Electronics Xian Test Equipment Data Collection