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DrimTrackmon enables engineers to easily control track process ACT equipment of TEL at an office.
It also enables engineers to look at a main screen of the equipment in office PC, collects large amount of data, and offers live analysis and monitoring, alarm management, and operation rate control features.


  • Provide the same equipment (TEL Track Equipment)-oriented integrated monitoring viewer.
  • Provide a data analysis feature (duration analysis / live analysis)
  • Provide integrated features with various solutions, systems, and smart devices.
  • Support remote control via Web Service Support.

Product Description


Major Performance

  • (China) CSMC / GSMC TEL Track Equipment Data Collection System - DrimBox / TMDC100 (Year of 2015)
  • (U.S) TriQuint TEL Track Monitoring System (Spread) - DrimBox (Year of 2014)
  • (U.S) TriQuint TEL Track ACT8 / 13 Equipment RMS, Para Monitoring - DrimRMS (RMS Solution) (2013년)