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DrimBox / DrimBoxPlus


DrimBox is an embedded / industrial HW and facilitates P2E (plan to enterprise), P2M (plant to MES), and P2E (plant to EES) that effectively deliver a variety of data from every device (sensor, equipment, system) live into upper systems in order to maximize productivity and quality improvement in the manufacturing industry. Also, it is possible to check status and data regardless of locations such as a site and office due to the provision of data collection and control / Web UI.


  • Provide Remote control and management features.
  • Integrated with various solutions, systems, smart devices.
  • Support various types of interfaces such as Sensor, DAQ, Serial, SECS, Ftp, Socket, TIB - RV, Web Service etc.
  • Integrated with various solutions, systems, smart devices such as Customizing UI, Terminal Display, Equipment monitoring, Remote Control, Interlock etc.
  • Support Serial bypass.
  • Support Ethernet bypass: VNIM ( Virtual Network Interface Module )
  • Support a setup function only with modeling without programming.

Product Description

DrimSys owns various SW solutions based on Drimmer platforms and easily and rapidly realize many types of features thereof in DrimBox series and secures a lot of functions. We can carry on the fastest establishment solution via DrimBox for any requests by customers. 



Major Performance

  • SK Hynix Icheon, Cheongju Wafer Test Logistics Automation System Establishment - DrimBox (WRC9000) (Year of 2018)
  • SK Hynix Icheon NonSECS Box Establishment - DrimBox (IDG9000HS) (Year of 2018)
  • SK Hynix Cheongju NonSECS Box Establishment - DrimBox (IDG9000HSP) (Year of 2018)
  • SK Hynix Wuxi NonSECS BoxE stablishment - DrimBox (IDG9000HS) (Year of 2018)
  • Samsung Electronics Onyang Workplace DrimJUMP 1.0 (former, DrimIDCe) Establishment – (SN2012) (2015 ~ 2019)
  • Samsung Display Pump Data Collection - (SN2012) (Year of 2012)
  • SK Siltron 300mm Polishing Process Information Automation Establishment (DSP / EP / FP) ) - DrimBox (LIDC - 1504 / 1510)(Year of 2015~)