Smart Automation Leader - DrimSys



DrimRMS provides a golden recipe of each equipment that produces products and a golden parameter integrated management service.
Also, it offers a service that contributes to processing accident prevention through recipe history, report, and validation, production effectiveness, and quality improvement.


  • Recipe Integrated Management
  • Golden Recipe Version Management
  • EQP Modelling
  • Tracking of Recipe Change History
  • Recipe Auto Compare

    - In particular, as for wire bonding, it is possible to display information on recipe wires on the screen and compare it.

  • Provision of Report Function (analysis on fail trend)

    - Recipe/Parameter Fail Trend

    - Device/EQP Fail Trend

  • Recipe History Management

    - In case of a failure in recipe comparison, it is possible to track history of recipe and analyze processes.

Product Description


Major Performance

  • AT Semicon EAP / RMS established