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If a tester and prober equipment can’t react to Online (remote control and test program management), DrimGPIBr controls GPIB communication between the tester and prober equipment and facilitates Online with our DrimHost.


  • Provide a feature to control, monitor, and handle a variety of information about a tester and prober equipment via DrimHost UI.
  • Provide a feature to enable the tester and prober equipment to be operated as one equipment regardless of any connection in upper systems because they are run one to one or one to two.
  • Support GPIB standard IEEE 488.

Product Description

DrimGPIBr is a GPIB controller optimized in measuring equipment control and data collection. It also supports GPIB standard IEEE 488, adds Serial RS232 and TCP / IP features, and easily establishes network systems.



Major Performance

  • SK Hynix Icheon, Cheongju Wafer Test Prober Equipment Online Establishment