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IDG9000 is a device that expanded and strengthened a serial port feature. It is possible to choose RS232 or RS485 for each user type by port and variously run equipment with 16 Port support.


  • Support Serial 16 Port
  • Support RS232 or RS485 by port and user - optionally operate it.
  • Provide a feature to integrate it with various solutions, systems, and smart tools.
  • Support Remote Control & Management.
  • Support various types of interface (RS232, RS485, SECS, FTP, EDA, TIB-RV, WEB Service, etc.)
  • Power is not required due to POE feature offering. (HSP model)
  • Use-optionally operate power / POE power (HSP model)

Product Description


Major Performance

  • SK Hynix NonSECS Box Establishment
  • SK Hynix NonSECS Box Establishment for CMS
  • SK Hynix Wuxi Subcomponent NonSECS Box Establishment