Smart Automation Leader - DrimSys



DrimJUMP controls of information about every device (sensor, equipment, system) within a factory, provides an easy feature to save the information, control status, sense disorder, and operate, and easily establishes a customized factory operation system.


  • Factory Operation Control

    - Dash Board
    - Real Time Status Monitoring
    - Real Time Trend Chart
    - Trend History Chart
    - Trend Histories
    - Alarm Histories

  • Factory Operation Disorder Sensing

    - Real-time data abnormality detection through TADM (Tree Architecture Detection Model) (Generate) (Alarm per rule tree)
    (Alarm Creation by Rule Tree)
    - Visible & Audible* Alarm Notification
    - Alarm Confirm & Release
    - Alarm History Management
    - Mobile Alarm Notification

  • Disorder Sensor Control

    - EQ Start & Stop by Operator
    - EQ Automatic Start & Stop by Operator Process Management Rule

  • Equipment Operation Rate Status

    - Operation rate by each equipment status
    - Operation / alarm / ready / down (Equipment Status Ratio)

  • Factory Operation Collaboration

    - Each part operator collaboration information management
    - Each part collaboration knowledge saving Documentation saving and link support Collaboration status management

  • TADM (Tree Architecture Detection Model)

    - Process management logic operation using TADM (Tree Architecture Detection Model) (Rule Logic Operation)
    - Statistical process management simulation (Rule Simulation)

  • Equipment Modeling

    - Location Information (大分類) (FAB)
    - Location Information (小分類) (Area)
    - Equipment Model / Type / Protocol
    - App Server Edge Dominator Variable

  • Statistics Graph

    - Statistical Dispersion
    - Equipment Connection Status Dispersion (Up Down Dispersion)
    - Change Probability Density

  • Report

    - Weekly / Monthly Report Creation & Print
    - Usable if certification organizations such as HACCP regularly report documents about temperature to the government organizations.

Product Description


Major Performance

  • Samsung Electronics Onyang 3Line DrimJUMP 1.0 (before, DrimIDCe) Establishment
  • Samsung Electronics Onyang 4Line DrimJUMP 1.0 (before, DrimIDCe) Establishment
  • Samsung Electronics Cheonan 5Line DrimJUMP 1.0 (before, DrimIDCe) Establishment