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DrimDDC (Disk Data Clone) offers an equipment control PC Auto / Manual back-up feature and helps to smoothly operate equipment systems and effectively and safely maintain themselves.
It is possible to maintain them in the center, practically apply the back-up systems to production-line equipment and establish a local back - up remote control system.


  • Support Windows, Linux
  • High - performance backup / recovery technology

    - High - performance backup system that realizes high quality and high efficiency backup / recovery technology

  • Various recovery plans

    - Provide various equipment environments and recovery environments considering a manager’s working methods.

  • Local Backup System

    - Make up for centralized backup system’s network high loading.

  • Control in a remote server

    - Access to each equipment and solve the inconvenience of the existing local backup systems.

  • Lan Communication - Based Remote Managing

    - Dangerous tasks such as equipment PC disassembling and assembling are not required because of remote control support.

  • Apply VNIM (Virtual Network Interface Module) Technology

    - It doesn’t affect equipment operation because it always remains network communications of equipment PC.

Product Description



Major Performance

  • SK Hynix Icheon Recipe Backup System Establishment (in progress) - DrimDDC (2018)