Smart Automation Leader - DrimSys

IoT Edge Dominator (DrimIoT)


DrimIoT easily establishes and controls every device (sensor, equipment, system) interface only with modeling without programming and facilitates the construction of an active IoT ecosystem.

It also establishes the best smart factory with DrimJUMP.


  • Easy to setup and maintain every device by using modeling and monitoring features of DrimIoT.
  • Use IoT Box as HUB.
  • Apply it regardless of types of targeted devices.
  • Reduce setup and maintenance costs.
  • Easy to discover issues and urgently restore them in case of disorder.
  • Standardize equipment data collection.
  • Utilize data collection as its asset.
  • Control equipment status.
  • Manage port status.
  • Support various protocols for solution SW interlock.

Product Description



Major Performance

  • Samsung Electronics Onyang 3Line DrimJUMP 1.0 (before, DrimIDCe) Establishment
  • Samsung Electronics Onyang 4Line DrimJUMP 1.0 (before, DrimIDCe) Establishment
  • Samsung Electronics Cheonan 5Line DrimJUMP 1.0 (before, DrimIDCe) Establishment