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OCMS - 1000


OCMS - 1000 is a chemical concentration sensor, which supports multiple connectivity and advances user interface features. It is equipped with a SECS driver, owns a dispatching feature, and smoothly expands interface between systems.

The introduction of OCMS - 1000 facilitates a rapid delivery of information into upper systems such as MES, EAP (TC), and FDC regardless of communication protocols adopted by the manufacturing equipment and is widely available from new factories of semiconductor / display manufacturers to the existing factories.


  • Provide interactive UI for user convenience.
  • Replace it with a foreign expensive product.
  • Localize it due to a national project.
  • Display and transmit concentration and temperature live in real time using a precision measuring sensor.
  • Synchronize SECS data interlocked with FDC.
  • Support various types of interface (RS485, TCP / IP, PLC)
  • Synchronize RS-485 data interlocked with PC or PLC.
  • Synchronize 4~20mA current data interlocked with PC or PLC.

Product Description


Major Performance

  • Samsung Display KCTECH Equipment Application Test