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DrimSECS is a SECS / GEM compliance driver following Semi Standards and offers production tools that can easily define SDK supporting every SECS / HSMS communication specification, test-focused simulators supporting the relevant communications, and GEM.


  • Support various platforms

    - It is used in almost all the platforms in any OS because it is designed based on JAVA.

  • Thread-based communication

    - It processes other tasks of programs different from communication work because receiving modules are handled as threads.

  • Offer bundle library

    - Authorized API for thread handling, socket communication, and serial communication, etc.

  • Non-blocking Communication

    - During communication, it is not blocked (receiving stand by), but it processes every work asynchronously. It raises CPU’s availability and rapidly and stably handles communication work.

  • Modeling Expandability

    - During handling of SECS2 message, it is equipped with our own modeling framework and smoothly integrated with client data models. Also, it is easily connected with EAP modeling offered in an expansion pack.

  • Offer HSMS / SECS simulator

    - It is effectively used for a program test and equipment test.

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  • SK Hynix Icheon NonSECS Box Establishment - DrimBox (IDG9000HS) (2018)
  • SK Hynix Cheongju NonSECS Box Establishment - DrimBox (IDG9000HSP) (2018)
  • SK Hynix Wuxi Subcomponent NonSECS Box Establishment - DrimBox (IDG9000HS) (2018)
  • SK Hynix System IC NonSECS Box Data Collection - DrimBox (HNOT8004) (2018)

Application Client

  • SK Hynix
  • SK Hynix System IC