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DrimEDA offers EDA / Interface A standards in order to collect data required in the advanced FAB and support data’s flexibility and quality.


  • Support various platforms

    - It is used in almost all the platforms in any OS because it is designed based on JAVA.

  • Thread - based communication

    - It processes other tasks of programs different from communication work because receiving modules are handled as threads.

  • Offer bundle library

    - Authorized API for thread handling, socket communication, and serial communication, etc.

  • Non - blocking Communication

    - During communication, it is not blocked (receiving stand by), but it processes every work asynchronously. It raises CPU’s availability and rapidly and stably handles communication work.

  • Follow E164 standards

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  • [Toshiba Semiconductor] Unisem Scrubber Data Collection System - DrimEDA (2015~)

Application Client

  • (Japan) Toshiba Semiconductor